BEST KNOWN FOR PORTRAYING 'Leah' IN THE PIN (Scythia Films) AND 'Olga' IN UN TRADUCTOR (Cuba's official entry for the Academy Awards 2020)  

Originally born in Lithuania, Milda set foot on the dance floor at the age of 5. She fell in love with Ballroom and Latin dancing right away and grew up competing nationally and internationally at the highest level. After coming to Canada, life steered Milda in a slightly different direction when, at the age of 17, she got offered a contract for the North American Premiere of "Dirty Dancing" in Toronto, making her the youngest member of the cast. Through the run of the show, as a Featured Ballroom dancer, she realized that her true calling was performing for a wider audience. She subsequently decided to pursue her newfound passion in acting, training in scene study, script analysis, on-camera work, and improvisation.

In 2013, Milda landed her first lead role in a feature film THE PIN (Scythia Films) taking on the challenge of learning Yiddish for the part. Her performance in the film was described in the New York Times as "...a revelation." More recently, in her film UN TRADUCTOR (official selection of Cuba Entry for the Academy Awards 2020 and of Sundance'18 ) (Amazon Prime; iTunes) starring opposite Rodrigo Santoro she portrayed Olga, a young troubled mother struggling with the reality of her child dying from leukemia. Since then, Milda has appeared in "KING" (Showcase), HOT AIR (starring Neve Campbell and Steve Coogan) and PRIVATE EYES (iON TV, Global).

She has also appeared on stage in both STOP THIS TRAIN (Dir: Larry Moss) and DOWN THE ROAD (opposite Brendan Dooling, "THE CARRIE DIARIES").

Milda shares her time between NYC, Toronto and Los Angeles.

She also has a lifelong goal of making a mark for her home country of Lithuania and to be an inspiration for everyone to follow their dreams.